How the humble electronic archival system will give your organisation the single customer view you need to drive better experiences.

How the humble electronic archival system will give your organisation the single customer view you need to drive better experiences.

As marketers, we understand the value of customer experience. The concept of customer experience (or CX) has been around for a number of years and the subject of many a blog, presentation, meeting, conference, academic paper, marketing course and more. Some might argue that there in an element of “CX fatigue” in the industry but there’s no getting away from the holy grail of a seamless and personalised experience for each and every customers. Regardless of what we call it, a great customer experience is what we all want both as marketers and as consumers.

Creating great experiences for your customers

However, what are the basic requirements to creating a great CX? It is some of the fundamentals that can often be overlooked, resulting in barriers for organisations to improve CX. One of the essentials is the “single customer view”. An aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data known by an organisation, about its customers. Although this definition is accurate, it sounds suspiciously like marketing jargon.

Single customer view

To understand ‘single customer view’, let’s take a step back and talk about multichannel customer service. Multichannel customer service provides customers with (an array of) options for communicating with your organisation across a variety of two-way channels. These include email, Twitter, Facebook, live chat, phone, SMS, online forms, mailed response forms and more.

The best multichannel customer service provides a seamless experience so that no matter what channel a customer chooses to make an enquiry, complaint or otherwise, the response is timely, provides a satisfactory outcome and sounds like your organisation (using a consistent tone of voice that is in line with your brand).

Customer service teams

Of course this is more easily said than done as customer service teams are exactly that. They are teams of individuals often across multiple locations with varying skill sets. Further, with consumers interacting across so many channels, servicing this becomes a huge task and it’s entirely possible that within larger companies, all these different channels are run by different teams. However, as far as customers are concerned, they are dealing with a single company, whether online, in person or via social and consistency is expected.

This is where the single customer view (SCV) comes into play. A SCV provides organisations with the ability to track customers and their communications across every channel. To vastly improve customer service and the overall of perception of each customer’s experience with your organisation.

Barriers to great CX

In 2019, is SCV still elusive? The answer for many organisations is a resounding “yes”. Should it be in 2019? No. One of the main barriers for organisations to achieve SCV is that many of the operational fundamentals, the building blocks of great CX, are either overlooked or not budgeted for.

We’ve talked about vast and varying channels that customers will use to talk to an organisation. The very nature of this creates one big operational challenge. Communication, both to your customers and from your customers, exists across both digital and non-digital formats.

To achieve SCV it is critical that organisations are able to digitise and archive every point of contact with each and every customer, across their entire lifetime. This is where a solution like SecurDOCS® will deliver SCV and in turn, a vastly improved customer experience. SecurDOCS® is an on-demand, secure, electronic document archival and retrieval solution that allows customer service teams (or the entire business even!) and your customers to quickly and efficiently view original documents online and in real-time, when they want 24/7.

Process Workflow

While electronic archival doesn’t seem all that inspiring it is essential to deliver the kind of experiences that customers expect. And even taking “CX fatigued” into account, a great customer experience is inspiring and will have customers coming back for more.

Other SecurDOCS® key benefits:

  • Annotations of customer service interactions
  • Customer views and access for different teams to their portfolios (B2B)
  • Customisable workflows built into SecurDOCS®
  • API access into other business systems or client facing portals
  • Invaluable metadata regarding the content of the original communications
  • Customisable reporting
  • Potential for provision of access directly to the consumer (B2C)

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